"There’s a war coming, Wolfpaw. Your clan will need every bit of strength it has.”
— Buzzardpaw to Wolfpaw

Frostbranch's apprentice. IceClan apprentice killed by Wolfpaw and minor protagonist of "Forest of Mist".

Appearance Edit

Large, thick pelted, plump, broad shouldered silver tabby tom with blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Playful, friendly tom who is takes clan boundaries lightly, especially at gatherings. He is talkative and makes friends easily.

He likes being knowledgeable and hearing gossip as it allows him to tell others things they don't know. He enjoys being helpful to others whether or not they're in his clan, though this doesn't stop him from being loyal when the situation calls for it.

Synopsis Edit

Forest of Mist Edit

At his third Gathering, he meets Wolfpaw. He explains how Gatherings work to Wolfpaw and insist that the two be friends. He is visibly displeased when Aspenstar declares war on MistClan.

During the battle, he runs across the battlefield and corners an injured Redpaw. Before he can attack her, Wolfpaw kills him.

Appears to Wolfpaw in a dream during Ravenstar's leadership ceremony. He reassures him that his death isn't his fault. When the ceremony ends, he quickly relays a prophecy to him, saying there is a war coming and MistClan will need all the strength it has.