"At Catmint Mansion, all cats of all kinds are welcome forever."
— Abberline

Overview Edit

Place for loners and traveling rogues to take shelter located many tree-lengths from the Peltchangerplace. Formerly a Peltchanger den.

The Mansion is made up of two stories and a basement. Most of the windows are cracked and broken and the roof leaks in heavily storms. Many of the Peltchanger's belongings are still inside, albeit in worn and rotten condition.

House Motto Edit

The residents strive on peace and preach kindness and compassion to all cats, no matter what they believe or where they're from. New residences are always welcome, especially those who can not find shelter anywhere else.

Catmint Garden Edit

Thick, overgrown weeds population the outside of the Mansion and must constantly be picked, among the weeds are patches of catmint that the residents of the Mansion make a point in maintaining. Each takes turn ensuring that the herb continues to grow without being disturbed by dogs or other creatures.

Some of the catmint has grown through cracks inside the Mansion or in crack containers left behind by the Peltchangers.