"Why don't you try directing your anger issues towards the cats trespassing?!"
— Dewbounce at Redpaw

Mudstep's first apprentice and friend of Wolfstripe, Redclaw and Sootfeather.

Appearance Edit

Short haired bluish gray tom with eyes the color of the ocean.

Personality Edit

Impatient and brash apprentice who rushes into tasks, often neglecting them when he lacks interest. He is also rather oblivious to others' warnings and instructions and prefers to do things his own way, whether or not it leads to a good outcome.

Synopsis Edit

Forest of Mist Edit

Goes on a border patrol with Wolfpaw. The two start a race and he runs much faster, complaining that he younger apprentice is too slow and that Sootpaw never makes him wait on her. Buckstripe warns him that going so quickly might result in him missing something.

When the rogues appear, he hisses at them and questions why the patrol didn't sense their presence earlier before Redpaw cuffs him over the ears. When the rogues start attacking, he and Redpaw fight a brown tabby together.

After the patrol, Dewbounce is made warrior along with his sister, Sunspeckle. During IceClan's attack, he is seen wounded and being chased by an enemy warrior.

Later, he is sharing tongues with Redpaw as she tells him about her plot to attack IceClan. He wonders if it will work, then says that Sunspeckle would love the idea.

Cold Moon Edit