"Oh come now, Mottlestorm! Apprentices don't care about political drama. Tell her about how Wildheart dropped down from the ceiling and tore out Fadinglight's throat!"
— Echoheart about DarkClan

Mate to Cloudstar and mother of Whiteleaf.

Appearance Edit

Short haired pale gray tabby she-cat with yellow eyes.


Friendly, mild elder who likes telling stories. Is arguably the most friendly towards apprentices.


Forest of MistEdit

When Redpaw re-enters at the elders' den after losing her temper to Ratwhisker, Echoheart greets her warmly and asks to have her ticks taken care of next. Ratwhisker yells at her for encouraging the apprentice's laziness.

When Mottlestorm starts to tell Redpaw the story of DarkClan, she complains that she always takes the best stories for herself. As Mottlestorm starts to tell the story, Echoheart corrects that DarkClan was made up of deserters of all the clans and scolds her for "flowering the truth".

As Mottlestorm continues the story, Echoheart impatiently buts in, saying that apprentices don't care about politics and proceeds to tells a dramatized version of the battle. Bumbletongue corrects her story, and Echoheart show skepticism that Budstar would allow a victory of hers to go unacknowledged.

Once Redpaw finishes her ticks, Echoheart thanks her and asks if their story was entertaining, laughing when Redpaw replies that it may have put the ticks to sleep. When Bumbletongue starts a story about the clan being kept up by catmint, she objects to his facts.

Later, when Wolfpaw comes to the elders' den, she is sharing tongues with Mottlestorm and audibly groans as Ratwhisker starts to complain. She tells Wolfpaw to leave his herbs and that Brambletooth will take care of Ratwhisker later.