"Are these pieces of foxdung giving you trouble, Lola?"
— Flint

Rogue wandering the Outlands in "Forest of Mist".

Appearance Edit

Thick furred, smokey black tom with an enormous shaggy white mane and yellow eyes.

Personality Edit

Aggressive rogue who dislikes the clans and believes in free hunting.

Synopsis Edit

Forest of Mist Edit

Approaches Wolfpaw's patrol by the Outlands border. He ask Lola if the clan cats are giving her trouble. Lola has caught a marten and says it was for Flint's kits, but that the clan cats wanted to take it from her.

Mudstep tells them that they can keep what they caught as long as they promise to leave, which Flint is adamantly against. He attacks Wildheart and is later chased off.

Cold Moon Edit