"I didn’t think you’d ever show yourself at gathering. Congratulations, I underestimated you last time. You must be so proud!”
— Frostbranch to Redpaw

Main antagonist of "Forest of Mist" and warrior of IceClan.

Appearance Edit

Thick furred gray and white tabby she cat with dark green eyes and thick legs.

Personality Edit

Aggressive and fiercely loyal warrior who isn't afraid to use dirty tactics to gain victories for her clan.

Synopsis Edit

Forest of Mist Edit

When Nettlewhisker and Rabbitflight are fighting, she tackles the MistClan deputy and kills him by sinking her teeth into his scruff.

She is mentioned by Buzzardpaw at Wolfpaw's first Gathering. At Redpaw's first Gathering, she is seen again, staring the tortoiseshell apprentice. It is revealed that she is Buzzardpaw's mentor and that Redpaw saw her at the battle against IceClan. She approaches Redpaw and taunts her for killing Buzzardpaw.

When Wolfpaw tells her that he was the one to kill the apprentice, she appears shocked. Redpaw threatens her and Frostbranch reminds the apprentice that they were at a Gathering and dares her to try attacking her. Redpaw slices her nose and Jaggedstep holds the apprentice back and Frostbranch flashes her a crooked grin.

When Redpaw launches an attack against IceClan, Frostbranch interrupts the apprentice's tussle with another IceClan warrior. Frostbranch claws her side, creating a wound that starts to bleed. She reveals that she was the one to kill Nettlewhisker.

The two she-cats circled one another before Frostbranch headbutts Redpaw in the stomach and pins her down. She recoils after the apprentice spits in her eye and is subsequently pinned down by Redpaw.

Before the apprentice can kill her, Wolfpaw tackles his clanmate and Frostbranch escapes.