"Of course he would! He loves this clan more than anything. But you didn't have to listen to him!"
— Jaggedstep to Wildheart after Nettlewhisker's death

Brother and littermate of Nettlewhisker. Strong fighter despite his dysfunctional back legs.

Appearance Edit

Very dark brown-gray tabby tom with white underbelly and muzzle and pale green eyes. His back legs are twisted so that he can still stand on them, but can't put any weight on them or walk properly.

Personality Edit

Flirty and humorous warrior who loves to be around kits. Strong stationary fighter, but slightly wonky back legs prevent him from being much skilled in hunting or climbing.

Grows close to Redclaw after his brother's death, though his sentiments are not returned.

Synopsis Edit

Forest of Mist Edit

Runs to Nettlewhisker's body when he's brought back to camp and shouts at Wildheart for not retreating. When Wildheart explains that Nettlewhisker didn't want them to retreat, Jaggedstep says that Nettlewhisker loved his clan, but that Wildheart could have ignore his order and retreated anyways.

He quietly mourns his brother, later joining Shadowfern and comforting her kits. He frequently brings back prey to Shadowfern's kits in place of Nettlewhisker. Pinekit comes to idolize him, wanting to have him as a mentor one day which causes Jaggedstep embarrassment.

When frost season arrives, Maplekit wishes Jaggedstep had brought back prey. Later, once Redpaw is done checking the elders for ticks, Jaggedstep shares a rabbit with her.

Copperpaw mentions that Jaggedstep is preventing her from going to the Gathering and complains that he's too old to understand what it's like being an apprentice.

Is mentioned when Wolfpaw asks Redpaw if she's worried about her kin dying. Wolfpaw later briefly wonders if Ravenheart will make him his first deputy. He admits that despite Jaggedstep's wonky legs, he's one of the clan's best fighters.

After Redpaw attacks Frostbranch at the Gathering, he comforts her and stops her from provoking further retaliation from IceClan. When Shadowfern steps up to bargain for peace from IceClan, he is among the first to support her. When Aspenstar attacks Shadowfern, he drags the IceClan leader away.

After the battle, he congratulates Redclaw, saying her father would have been proud of her. For the first time Redclaw returns his gesture warmly, causing Jaggedstep to tear up with happiness.

Cold Moon Edit