"My name's Kidpaw, not Kid, sister."
— Kidpaw to Lizardpaw

Son of Russetdawn and Robinwhisker.


Sleek, small tom with reddish-brown fur and pale paws, chest, belly, and muzzle. Has dark green eyes, and large ears that almost look too big for his head.

Usually walks around briskly, as if he's being followed. This brisk walk developed after he became an herb runner apprentice, as he had to travel from mentor to mentor.


Kidpaw is a laid back, polite tom who prefers to be alone then with others. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, he tries to make it count. He's much more sociable around cats he's familiar with. Can get a little lazy at times and has trouble remembering tasks he's assigned to, mostly because he's very observant and nosy, and tries (awkwardly) to help with anything if he can.

Avoids eye contact with anyone he doesn't know well, and looks around in all directions when he's alone and feels vulnerable. Relaxes and walks more slowly around friends and family.

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