"Youth and its naivety."
— Lightningspots

Cynical old medicine cat and mentor of Brambletooth.

Appearance Edit

Short haired, dark gray, black spotted elderly tom with gray eyes.

Personality Edit

Made cynical by age and experience. Is completely unfazed by death or injury of any kind as he's already seen it all. Because of his old age, he has problems with joints in cold weather and takes a supervisory role in the medicine den. Typically watches or sleeps while his apprentice, Brambletooth does all the work.

Synopsis Edit

Forest of Mist Edit

Is seen sitting outside the medicine cat's den sharing tongues with Brambletooth. Maplekit mentions that he'd prefer Lightningspots as a mentor instead of Brambletooth.

When Redpaw goes to the medicine cat's den to get mouse bile, he is sitting in a corner staring at her.

When Cinderspots is kitting, he is sitting outside the nursery basking in sunlight and remarks that the kits won't last. When the kits end up dead, he praises Brambletooth for doing the best she could.

When Maggotbounce returns, he is supported out into the forest my Brambletooth and tells Wildheart of Maggotbounce's condition.

After Cloudstar falls out of his tree, Ravenheart is in denial of Brambletooth's declaration that he is dead and asks her to fetch Lightningspots.