All the battles, from clan vs clan to rogue fights, ordered chronologically by book.

Forest of Mist (4) Edit

MistClan vs. IceClan Edit

Location: The Meadow, IceClan territory

Inciter/Led By: MistClan/Nettlewhisker

Reason: To claim futile and prey dense lands before frost season so that MistClan kits can be fed

Victor: MistClan (later surrendered)

Known Participants: Nettlewhisker, Wildheart, Robincloud, Mothshade, Whiteleaf (MistClan), Rabbitflight, Frostbranch (IceClan)

Deaths: Nettlewhisker

MistClan vs. Rogues Edit

Location: The Outlands

Inciter/Led By: Rogues/Flint

Reason: Hunting rights on MistClan territory

Victor: MistClan

Known Participants: Wildheart, Buckstripe, Mudstep, Dewpaw, Redpaw, Wolfpaw (MistClan), Flint, Lola (Rogues)

Deaths: None

MistClan vs. IceClan Edit

Location: MistClan territory

Inciter/Led By: IceClan/Aspenstar

Reason: Retaliation against MistClan's history of bullying IceClan

Victor: IceClan

Known Participants: Ravenheart, Buckstripe, Frogdapple, Robincloud, Shortbranch, Oakfall, Dewbounce, Redpaw, Copperpaw, Wolfpaw (MistClan), Frostbranch, Buzzardpaw (IceClan)

Deaths: Oakfall, Buzzardpaw

MistClan vs. IceClan Edit

Location: IceClan territory

Inciter/Led By: MistClan/Redpaw

Reason: Reclaiming the land originally won by Nettlewhisker

Victor: MistClan

Known Participants: Ravenstar, Wildheart, Whiteleaf, Jaggedstep, Barktail, Shadowfern, Ashbreeze, Calftail, Deerspirit, Dewbounce, Redpaw, Copperpaw, Wolfpaw (MistClan), Aspenstar, Frostbranch

Deaths: None