Aloe Vera- inside goo can stop infections

Bee balm- mash flowers with water to cool fever

Blackberries- both roots and berries stop diarrhea

Boneset- leaves are a strong remedy for fever. Can be fatal. Last resort only

Butterfly weed- milky sap will cause regurgitation

Catmint- greencough and with water will bring down fever

Plantain- chew up leaves and spit onto effected area. Cure for bee stings and insect bits.

Sage- with water can stop diarrhea

Yarrow- chew leaves and apply to stop bleeding.

Lillies- deadly poison

Rose- petals with water sooth the nerves

Dandelions- aid digestion

Alder- bark induces vomiting. leaves sooth cuts and scrapes

Shunk cabbage and alder bark- soft nest for kitting

Birch- bark cures headaches