"Every warrior learns at their own pace."
— Mudstep

Deputy of MistClan under Ravenstar. Chosen because of his blind loyalty and obedience towards his former mentor. Brother and littermate to Deerspirit and son of Buckstripe.

Appearance Edit

Brown tom with yellow eyes, slender legs, very large ears, a narrow face and a long tail. Built for speed, but lacks the shoulder power to climb very quickly.

Personality Edit

Calm and obedient former apprentice to Ravenstar. A good warrior, but has few thoughts of his own.

Synopsis Edit

Forest of Mist Edit

Scolds his apprentice, Dewpaw for complaining about Wolfpaw's lack of speed. Follows Buckstripe across the Outlands border and asks if they should start expanding.

When Lola complains that the patrol is bullying her, he tells the rogues that they've already allowed them to take the prey as long as they promise to leave the territory. When they attack, he fights with Lola briefly before chasing her off.

Sootpaw mentions that Mudstep was chosen to go to a Gathering the day after he was made apprentice. When Maggotbounce goes missing, he says that he noticed her at camp the night before.

When Wildheart comes back from searching for Maggotbounce, Mudstep announces his return to camp.

He is later put in charge of Sootpaw's training. Brambletooth mentions that he will be expecting the apprentice. Sootpaws seems to dislike Mudstep as a mentor.

Brambletooth later mentions that Mudstep has agreed to allow Sootpaw to go to the Moonstream with her. Ravenheart then names him his first deputy, something most of the clan seems to disapprove of though he is cheered for by his mother and sister.

As Redpaw recruits warrior for her secret attack on IceClan, Mudstep is seen sharing tongues with Ravenstar.

Cold Moon Edit