"When you become a father, you stop thinking of yourself"
— Nettlewhisker to Ravenheart

Father of Redclaw, Pinekit and Maplekit and deputy of MistClan. Is killed by Frostbranch in a border skirmish and firmly believes in risking his life for his clan.

Appearance Edit

Short haired dark gray tabby tom with black stripes, a white underbelly and hazel eyes.

Personality Edit

Vocal and aggressive warrior who disapproves of Cloudstar's passivity, seeing it as cowardice. Witty and clever, he has a talent for making other feel guilt and winning arguments whether or not he's actually in the right.

Very self-righteous and protective of the younger members of his clan. Will happily fight to the death if he believes it will make the future of his clan better. Is not worried about physical weakness.

Synopsis Edit

Forest of Mist

Watches the sunrise from his branch before getting up. He is about to descend the tree, when Ravenheart from the branch below warns him not to do "it". Nettlewhisker replies that they have to, otherwise they'll never be able to feed everyone through frost season. Ravenheart reminds him to think of the causalities and adds that although they have many kits, they can't afford to lose any warriors.

Nettlewhisker smiles and reminds him how many warriors would be lost if they don't claim more territory. He asks Ravenheart if he is too much of a coward to sacrifice himself for the clan's future.

He addresses the clan from the patrol stump and with Cloudstar's permission rounds up a patrol to attack the IceClan border and claim a stretch of valuable territory for themselves.

As the patrol prepares to leave camp, Wolfkit spots his father, Robincloud and tries to get his attention. Nettlewhisker steps in front of him and tells him his father is needed on a very important patrol.

The patrol crosses the river at a shallow spot and start leaving scent marks and hunting. Nettlewhisker catches a fish and Mothshade catches a rabbit.

A patrol of IceClan warriors arrive Nettlewhisker engages them. The IceClan deputy, Rabbitflight lunges at him. Nettlewhisker fights back and pins the deputy down before Frostbranch tackles him. Nettlewhisker tires to fight both cats, but Frostbranch tears out his throat from the side.

Wildheart chases off both cats and is prepared to order retreat and carry his deputy back to camp. Nettlewhisker sputters out a protest, signaling him to continue the fight, and not quit until they've won. Wildheart reluctantly obeys.

Nettlewhisker watches the fight until he dies of blood loss.