The Place of No Stars, otherwise known as the Dark Forest is located on the outskirts of StarClan's hunting grounds. The cats who inhabit the space are those who have lived their lives with their heads filled with bitter feelings. When they die, instead of being able to climb to the stars, they only make it part of the way before drowning in their own negative emotions.

Cocoons Edit

Residents are trapped within prisons meant to resemble trees, called cocoons. Each cat's cocoon looks different and are based upon some aspect of their lives, and is usually a symbol meant to evoke hatred within said cat. Within the cocoons, the cats fall in and out of sleep, starving, but never eat or dying of starvation. Their sleeps are haunted by nightmares based on the events of their lives. Cats emerge from these dreams fearful and frustrated, which typically worsens their hatred to those they believe to be responsible for their state.

Outside Communication Edit

For many residents, communication with the world of the living is impossible, but those with strong wills are able to speak with the living, though their connection to them is very shaky and unreliable.

Escape Edit

It is extremely rare that a cat is able to escape the cocoons and the forest. The method for doing so is known only by those who have escaped themselves. To break out of the cocoons, one must come to peace and to terms with their situation and in doing so finally progress and rise above their negative feelings. Those who escape are allowed to pass into StarClan.