"Don't encourage the lazy little sod, Echoheart! In my day there were twice as many elders and we did their ticks with pride!"
— Ratwhisker

Hostile elder feared by all the apprentices.


Very pale gray, thick furred tom with sickly yellow eyes.


Even as a young cat, he was a pessimistic sort are rarely smiled. He was firmly disciplined by his father who was a firm traditionalist and taught his son to be the same.


Forest of MistEdit

Mottlestorm suggests that Redpaw do Ratwhisker's ticks as soon as possible because of the elder's grouchy disposition. Redpaw enters the den, noting the scars present on him and the other elders. As Redpaw starts on his ticks, he complains all the way through, causing Redpaw to run off.

Once she returns, Ratwhisker has been pinned down by a dappled tom. He is still shouting and objects to Echoheart's kind treatment of the apprentice.

When Wolfpaw arrives at the elders' den with dandelions for Ratwhisker he complains that cats aren't meant to eat herbs.

Cold Moon Edit