Father of Wolfstripe and Copperbird.


Short haired grayish brown tabby tom with green eyes.


Jocular tom who loves to sing. Compassionate towards others, even those outside his clan. Loves his kits and spending them with them, even once they become adults. Calls his son, Wolfstripe "kitten", even after he is made warrior.


Forest of MistEdit

Chosen by Nettlewhisker to be on the patrol that invades IceClan. Nettlewhisker tells his kits that he is a going on a very important warrior mission. As the patrol leaves, Robincloud offers to sing. When Nettlewhisker is killed, he tries to alert Wildheart who tells him to keep fighting.

Wolfkit says that the prey Robincloud brings back is the best and Copperkit adds that he will return from the patrol with five rabbits. When Robincloud returns, he is carrying the fish Nettlewhisker caught for his family. Wolfkit approaches Nettlewhisker body and has a sense that the deputy might spring up like Robincloud would when they played together. Robincloud suggests that his kits sleep in the trees with him and Shortbranch for the night, leaving Shadowfern and her kits to grieve in the nursery. He helps Wolfkit into the tree and as he sleeps recites a rhyme. That evening, Robincloud and Shortbranch share a mouse and he goes out on patrol again.

Before the battle with IceClan, Robincloud sits with Shortbranch and Copperpaw. During the battle, he helps defend his son against the larger IceClan cats. It is noted that he has scratches along his side. He reassures Wolfpaw that Shortbranch and Copperpaw are safe and carries Wolfpaw back to camp after he wrenches his shoulder.

At the medicine den, Robincloud insists that Wolfpaw see Brambletooth rather than Fogwhisker, a herb runner. When Fogwhisker leaves to get herbs, he goes to check on Shortbranch and Copperpaw, telling his son to rest.

During his kits' warrior ceremony, he is watching along with Shortbranch. He tells Wolfstripe and Copperbird that they fought brilliantly. When Wolfstripe laments that he has lots to learn from Brambletooth, he reassures him and offers to bring prey back for him and tells a story.

Cold Moon Edit