Overview Edit

A peaceful clan that doesn't like to cause a lot of drama and would prefer to stay out of as much as possible. They acknowledge and thank their allies, but it is unlikely they will return the favor with claws. A StoneClan warrior knows that there is more to life than the petty squabbles the other clans are always so fixated on.


Cottonwood ForestEdit

Makes up roughly a two thirds of the territory. The area is shared by stick hunters during the bloom season, though they make their camps further up the river.

Cotton Gathering PlaceEdit

Where apprentices do to fetch bedding for the rest of the clan. Kits are also taken here to expend some of their boundless energy.

The TunnelsEdit

Tunnels dug underneath the territory. Usage as increased


Surrounds a lake the river eventually ends in, though warriors rarely stray so far.

Stick Hunter Bloom Season CampEdit

Camp of the mysterious stick hunters who's appear every bloom season to hunt. They often bring dogs, and occasionally trap cats and take them away.


A tunnel created out of a tangle of tree branches with dead leave and dirt covering the gaps. Shelters from the wind and rain.

The leader and medicine cat both have their own ditches protected by brambles. The medicine cat's has a small dips inside with cotton to store herbs.

The warriors and apprentices have cotton and leaf dens scatter throughout the main tunnel. The nursery and elders' den are both ditches hidden by bushes.

The meeting place is a sturdy fallen branch used as a perch.