Overview Edit

An adventurous clan who's territory is stretches as far as they can swim. In other words, their only limits are themselves. Warriors place an emphasis on a bonds between family and everyone is expected to play a role in the caring of kits. A TideClan warrior knows better than to submit to hatred of any kind for any reason and downing so is deeply frowned upon.


Rocky CoastEdit

A long stretch of shore bordering the sea. The shore is lined with large slippery boulders that are submerged in water during storms and leaf-fall.

The RiverEdit

Runs through MistClan territory and spills out into the ocean here.

Clam BeachEdit

A part of the shore where clams wash up in greenleaf. Most are dead or empty, but the ones that are still good are harvested as prey. Dead jellyfish are also common in the waters.

Splintery ShoreEdit

A punishment spot for apprentices. The shards of rock are prickly for their untrained pads. There is a smoother path further up shore where their mentors walk beside and supervise.

The Fishing RockEdit

A rock many tail lengths out to shore where experience warriors swim out to, to fish and bask in the sun. Often occupied by gulls.


A winding path leading to caves in the cliff face on one part of the coast. Many large boulders dot the beach below.

The leader's den is the first cave at the bottom of the path, closest to shore. The medicine cat's den is the next one up, followed by the elder's den and nursery, the latter two being where most of the clan huddles up during bad storms that cause the beach to flood.

The warriors and apprentices typically reside on the beach in dips between boulders. Apprentices are further upshore than their mentors because their swimming abilities are fully developed.

Leaders give speeches from a series of jagged rocks on the shore called the Pointed Stones.