Son of Cloudstar.


Short haired white tom with yellow eyes.

Personality Edit

Bitter and cynical warrior, who is nearly a MistClan cat stereotype. Sick of living in his father's shadow, but doesn't possess the talent to escape it. Tries to make up for it by being vigorously disciplined. Tries to go against everything his father stands for including his peaceful regime.


Forest of MistEdit

Whiteleaf is one of the cats chosen for Nettlewhisker's patrol that attacks IceClan in the prologue.

He later warns Nettlewhisker of the approaching IceClan patrol.

Afterwards, when Cloudstar is choosing a new deputy, Wolfkit wonders if he'll choose Whiteleaf.

Whiteleaf later says what punishment Ravenstar would think of for Redpaw when she is in the medicine den, still healing from her wolf attack.

Later, when Redpaw plotting to attack IceClan, he is among those who have signed onto her plan.