"She's rough around the edges, but if you can get her to trust you, she will do anything for you. She'll never leave your side. That's why I love her."
— Wolfstripe about Redclaw

Mate to Redclaw and protagonist of "Forest of Mist".

Appearance Edit

A dark brown tabby tom with pale amber eyes. Has a robust frame and broad shoulders.

Walks at a causal prowl, shoulders bunched, always ready to pounce at a moments notice.

Personality Edit

He is a bit sensitive and paranoid about his clanmates getting hurt, which causes him to become a herb runner in order to help them as best he can. He dislikes battle and shys away from hurting those he knows, though they may be from other clans.

As a herb runner he has gained confidence in his own abilities and power to control what happens in his life and the lives of those he cares about. Strives to see the best in others.

Is social, but always quite. He likes being around others, but prefers to listen to others talk rather than do any talking himself.